Actually finding the perfect hairdresser is harder than finding the one

So I don’t know about you but one of the hardest things I have had to do in life (I’m not exaggerating) is finding a hairdresser!

To put it in perspective I do have two kids, but my hair is me and I need it to reflect my personality. But this is where the headache starts! You want one that doesn’t talk at you all the time, not having time to answer any question and you know that you are not being listened to. But you also don’t want a silent one and that weird “do I start the conversation?” Then opening your mouth a few times but you end up not speaking, so basically all you have just done is a fish impression.

You also need somewhere where you can enjoy being in the space and relax. It’s horrible being on edge as you will never like whatever they do with your hair if you feel like that. So you’ve looked at reviews you’ve looked on websites and you’ve chatted to friends and then you walk into a salon and you get that eureka moment. Finally, you think I’ve found a good one!

This is what it’s like when you go to Hair By Hayley Juliette at Africa sun in Macclesfield. You are greeted by Hayley and instantly you feel relaxed and she asks all the right questions about you and what you want with your hair but also lets you know what she thinks about your hair and what would work for you. Whether it’s the smallest trim you can get away with or a full-blown new style.

So who is Hayley?

Well, she a very down to earth 32 year old who has been hairdressing for the last 17 years. I asked her why she still loves doing it and her answer was so her it’s simply “making people feel good about themselves. (Giving them a boost) whilst listening to people about their lives”.

Outside of hairdressing, she is just like the rest of us. No, she really is by juggling 2 crazy kids with 2 crazy dogs ( She says all of this with a massive smile on her face). But what makes her so much more interesting is that she is also a fantastic rugby player who makes sure all the girls on the team have a great hair day before a game. (A hairdressers job is never done)

A tip for all you that go and see her you don’t have to dress up or even get dressed at all, pyjamas are welcome here. Hayley is definitely the girl next door who is more concerned that you look your best, more than worrying about her own hair and makeup. 

So if you want this amazing lady to give you a Brazilian blowout, a chop that makes you feel wow or Easilock hair extensions to make feel on top of the world or just somewhere you can take the kids for their haircut and know you won’t be judged if they scream the place down.

 Why not contact her today?